Dr S M Ashiquzzaman - a professor of economics at Dhaka University and an industrialist is the man of this passion for travel. He worked as research and teaching fellow under various distinguished professors at Harvard University.

Dr. Ashiq has been a faculty member at the department of economics, University of Dhaka since 1994. He has been Managing Director of Ahad Jute Mills Ltd, Ahad Jute Spinners Ltd, Ahad Cement Factory Ltd, Ahad Fertilizer and Chairman – shurjoMukhi Limited.

He has traveled extensively around the world for both business and pleasure; visited more than 235 countries and territories; learnt about different peoples, cultures, economies and governments.

Mr. Fida Haq founding Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of shurjoMukhi Limited is a trained Electrical and Electronics Engineer with a long experience in the fields of information and communications technology and renewable energy. With his visionary leadership in the employment of technology in a strategic and mission-critical way, he has transformed companies here and abroad including News Interactive and Optus Information Engineering in Australia and Mango Teleservices and Cashlink in Bangladesh.

shurjoMukhi is one of the key players in the eCommerce eco-system of Bangladesh as it’s working from the very inception to translate this ideology into action with Mr Haq’s visionary leadership. He strongly believes in the vision of establishing a Digital Bangladesh and of providing access to affordable and reliable energy, internet-based payment and administrative services and telecommunications facilities to all.

Major Jamil Ahmed (Retd) Director of shurjoMukhi Limited has more than 21 years of ground service experiences as a Commissioned Officer in Bangladesh Army, where he directly supervised in various capacities from 100 to 1400 employees.

Mr. Ahmed worked as a civil military relation officer in Bangladesh Battalion under United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) in BHIAC enclave in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was responsible for monitoring cease-fire, border situation, refugee matters and liaison and coordination with warring faction’s international community and NATO. He actively participated in united Nation Protection Force (UNPROFOR) and awarded with UN Medals “IN THE SERVICE OF PEACE”.