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We are a company, registered in Bangladesh under the Companies Act, 1994. We are operating from 2011. The company is in the business of e-Payment Gateway services, web and mobile applications. The company has successfully done business with local and foreign entities. Among our clients are private entities, government or public sector entities and non for profit entities like NGOs. We were among the pioneering companies instrumental in developing the ecommerce ecosystem in Bangladesh. As a Payment Gateway Services Provider, the company has been awarded the “PSO License” by Bangladesh Bank, under the Bangladesh Payment and Settlement Systems Regulation, 2014. This is because we meet the key criteria required for securely and successfully operating Payment Gateway Services. 2016 has been a very productive year for us. We are busily reinforcing our capacity and capability to provide excellent service, security, and provide value to clients. We are doing our bit in transforming the country and bringing the fruits of ICT to business, consumers, government and NGOs. We are on way to achieving 300,000 downloads for our mobile app Hatekhori. We are building ERPs, web applications and exciting products that will be live shortly.